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Buy Cornell University transcript. Cornell University fake transcript. Cornell university in particular after the second world war has achieved large-scale development and expansion.Since the beginning of this century, the university has expanded internationally and in 2004 established the Cornell medical college in Qatar. Cornell university is the first ivy league co-educational university to practice gender equality, and admission is open to all regardless of creed or race, regardless of aristocratic status.In terms of teaching methods, it reflects the working attitude of guiding students according to their characteristics and interests, and takes the lead in implementing the system of students’ free course selection in the United States. buy fake American transcript. 
Cornell university started out with the characteristics of the college of agriculture and engineering. Its school of hotel management and school of industrial and labor relations are the first in the United States. Therefore, agriculture, veterinary science, engineering, labor relations, architecture, arts and sciences, education, media, applied economics, hotel management and other related disciplines have always been the traditional strengths of Cornell university with a global reputation. fake university transcript.