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Carnegie Mellon University degree

Buy Carnegie Mellon University fake diploma. fake Carnegie Mellon University degree certificate. Carnegie Mellon University, or CMU, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a world-renowned institution with 13,600 students and 1,423 faculty and researchers.The school of arts, business, engineering and public administration is among the best in the country. In 1900, Andrew Carnegie wrote to the government offering a million pounds to build a technical college.The government later set aside 32 hectares of land near shorey park for the Carnegie institute of technology.Under Carnegie’s vision, the college would produce the industrial expertise needed for a three-year program in what was then Pittsburgh.fake American diploma.
Fake CMU diploma. buy CMU degree certificate. In 1917, the school established the first drama academy in the United States, offering a bachelor’s degree related to drama and dedicated to the cultivation of artistic talents. In 1967, the boards of directors of Mellon and Carnegie decided to combine the two colleges and name them Carnegie Mellon university.In 1968, the school was transformed into a college of the humanities and social sciences.There are also new graduate schools, such as the school of industrial management, the school of urban and science, and the new school of computer science.Other new research centres, such as the centre for software engineering and robotics, have also been created.