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Buy Northwestern University fake transcript. Northwestern University fake transcript. Northwestern university was founded in 1851 by the methodists of Chicago.In 1855 it became operational with two faculty members and ten students.The school’s nine founders, all methodists, knelt and prayed before the first meeting.¬†Buy our fake certificates,we offer high quality diplomas, degrees and transcript at affordable rates.
Fake USA transcript. Northwestern university’s Evanston campus includes undergraduate, graduate, and business schools along the north and south of lake Michigan.To the north of the campus are the student union building, the Henry crane gymnasium and other sports facilities, the institute of technology, the observatory and other science-related buildings, including the ford motor company design center. Northwestern university is made up of 11 schools and colleges.The department of each school consists of the President of the university, the provost, the dean of the college, and the academic department. buy fake university transcript.