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Fake McGill University degree certificate. McGill University fake diploma. McGill university, located in Montreal, Canada’s second largest city, attracts the best students from all over the world with its excellent teaching quality. With the highest average admission score and international student proportion, McGill university is the most difficult and international university to apply for in Canada. McGill University was founded in 1821. After more than one hundred years of development, McGill University has developed into a world-class comprehensive University, known as the “harvard of Canada”.McGill university has been ranked number one in Canada many times in the rankings of the world’s newspapers and research institutions, and ranked in the top 20 universities in the fake Canada degree certificate. 
Fake diploma, fake university diploma. In 1821, king George iv issued a royal charter establishing a college in the name of McGill.In 1829, the teaching department of Montreal general hospital was merged into McGill college, and the school was renamed McGill University, and classes were officially opened in the same year.Founded 46 years before the federal government of Canada, McGill university is one of the oldest universities in Canada.