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Buy University of Nottingham fake transcript. University of Nottingham fake transcript. fake UK transcript. The University of Nottingham is a founding member of the Russell group of universities and Universitas 21, an international association of universities, with an international reputation for teaching and research.In 2001, the university was awarded the queen’s prize for best international business in international trade, marking the royal recognition of the university’s ambition to become an international institution.
The University of Nottingham won two Nobel prizes in 2003. Professor Clive Granger won the Nobel Prize in economics. He spent 22 years as a student and professor at the university of Nottingham.Professor Sir Peter Mansfield has won the Nobel Prize in medicine for his pioneering work on resonance imaging as a diagnostic tool in medicine.The university of Nottingham aims to maintain its established position as a leading research university in the UK and to strengthen its research strengths by providing a unique learning environment.