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fake University of Southampton certificate

Fake University of Southampton certificate. buy University of Southampton diploma. fake University of Southampton degree. The University of Southampton, located in Southampton, southern England, is a prestigious British university, one of the world’s top 100 universities, a founding member of the Russell group, a member of the world university Consortium, and a member of the SES .No. 87 in the 2016/17 QS world university rankings, often in the top 20 in the guardian, The Times and other British mainstream media.The university is one of the top ten research-oriented universities in the UK, with world-class standards in the fields of optics, optoelectronics, electrical and electronic engineering and Marine research, and enjoys a high international reputation.Its predecessor was Hartley college, which was founded in 1862 and funded by local philanthropist Mr. Hartley.
The university of Southampton was founded in 1862 as Hartley college, funded by the local philanthropist Mr Hartley, and in 1902 became a college affiliated with the university of London.1919 it was renamed hartley university college, and between 1902 and 1952 it was awarded a degree as a college of the university of London.In 1952, queen Elizabeth ii granted permission to become the official university of Southampton, which was the first royal charter granted by queen Elizabeth ii upon her accession to the throne.