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City University of Macau diploma

Buy City University of Macau fake diploma. fake City University of Macau degree certificate. City university of macau, formerly known as the university of east Asia, was founded in 1981. It was renamed city university of macau in 2011 with the approval of the government of the Macao special administrative region.The university has three campuses, of which the main one is at taipa university hill in macau, with a total area of about 86,000 square meters. The number of students in Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland has reached 10,000.Cityu is also the first university in macau to link up its master’s programme with the CIMA exam, with 12 CIMA exams exempted for mba students. buy fake diploma.
City university of macau is a member of a number of international university organizations and has been conducting international exchanges since 1991. Currently, cityu has signed academic cooperation or student exchange agreements with over 100 universities in more than 20 countries and regions, including China, Europe, Japan and the United States. fake university degree certificate.