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University of California, Berkeley diploma

Buy UCB fake degree certificate. fake UCB diploma. University of California, Berkeley, located in the bay area of San Francisco, is a world-renowned public research University with a high reputation in the academic world. Berkelium, the 97th element, has been named after Berkeley.In addition, Berkeley has produced a large number of talents for south bay’s silicon valley, including Intel founder Gordon Moore, apple founder Steve wozniak, and tesla founder mark tarpenen.Jack London and Eileen chang studied and worked there, and janet yellen, the current chair of the federal reserve, is also a professor there.
Fake University of California, Berkeley diploma. buy University of California, Berkeley degree. Uc Berkeley is Chancellor and Vice Chancellor with hierarchical responsibility.The President of the branch is appointed by the council of the university of California, and the vice President is appointed by the President of the branch after strict examination and selection at multiple levels. Berkeley is known for its multiculturalism.On February 15, 1990, the board of trustees of the university of California appointed chang Lin tian, a chinese-american professor, as President of Berkeley – the first chinese-american President of a prestigious university in the United States.