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Buy fake CBS diploma. fake CBS degree certificate. The CBS campus is located in Frederiksberg, close to the center of Copenhagen, and centers on the school’s main campus of Solbjerg Plads, completed in 2000. Since the Danish Universities Act of 2003, CBS has had a Board of Directors with an external majority. The Board of Directors appoints the President of CBS, who is currently Per Holten-Andersen. Most of the programs are taught in English, and more than half of the faculty is recruited from abroad, making CBS an international academic environment. buy fake Denmark degree certificate.
Fake Copenhagen Business School degree certificate. CBS was established in 1917 by the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education, which is a private educational institution. In 1965 the business school became integrated into the Danish educational system as an institution of higher education. Today, it is regulated by the Danish Universities Act of 2003. buy Copenhagen Business School fake diploma.