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Fake Universidad Autónoma de Madrid diploma,Universidad Autónoma de Madrid degree certificate. The strong academic atmosphere at the school is highlighted by the joint research centres with Spain’s council for advanced scientific research (CSIC).The autonomous university of Madrid has had this scientific atmosphere since it was founded in 1968.At the time, the school had five departments scattered throughout Madrid.But that didn’t last long, and on October 25, 1971, the Cantoblanco campus, now the university’s main campus, was put into operation. buy fake degree certificate.
Fake university degree.The university consists of five colleges: academy of natural sciences, school of political science, school of economics and trade, school of law and school of philosophy, literature and medicine.In the school year 01/02, there were 33,077 students, 2,157 teachers and 836 administrative and logistics personnel.The university was fifth overall in the public university rankings in 2004. fake diploma.